While we are technology and vendor agnostic we certainly have our opinions on the numerous solutions available in the market today. Below is a preview to some we really like.

Climate Wizard

Climate Wizard is a breakthrough in HVAC technology. Developed over fifteen years then tested for seven in the field Climate Wizard is an indirect evaporative cooler. Climate Wizard is 140% efficient beyond Wet Bulb approaching Dew Point. A recent California install resulted in 0.25 kilowatt per ton, unheard of in the HVAC industry. This new way of cooling  will change the way the world looks at air conditioning.

  • Cooling performance out performs refrigerated systems
  • Uses up to 90% less energy
  • Performance increases when temperature is highest
  • Stand-alone cooling or pre-cooling to existing refrigerated systems
  • Low Maintenance
  • Building Management System Integration
  • 100% fresh air means healthy indoor air quality
  • No compressors; No refrigerants; No copper

The heat passes out of the air in the dry channel through the membrane and into the air passing through the wet channel. In this way, the dry channel becomes progressively colder but gains no moisture. The dry, cool air then passes into the building. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1VMJTssfz0


The Clear-Wall window panel insert provides solar heat rejection while also providing thermal efficiency equal to adding another pane of glass. It effectively changes single glass performance to dual glass, dual glass to triple-glazing. The panel creates a half inch of dead air space that provides year round insulation performance by stopping heat transfer.

  • Improves occupant comfort by reducing heat, glare & UV radiation.
  • Performs like a Double Pane window for 1/5 Cost.
  • Encourages the use of natural daylight.
  • Easy to Install & Maintain

Light Emitting Plasma (LEP)


Light Emitting Plasma technology, LEP™, has many advantages over conventional HID and high wattage lamp solutions, including efficiency, lifetime, cost of ownership and light quality. Applications like architectural, street & area lighting, as well as general lighting are being revolutionized to provide better performance at lower cost of ownership to the user and to the environment.

  • Light Distribution: Create optimal light from a single, directional point source
  • Natural Illumination: Enhance visibility from a full spectrum plasma arc
  • Reliability: Eliminate failure modes and lumen degradation
  • Seamless Controls: Connect with wireless to any lighting network
  • Energy Savings: Reduce energy usage by 50 percent or more
  • Brighter Intensity: Produces more foot candles when compared to LED

ReVair Wind

ReVair’s innovation is to combine simple design and scientific principles into a wind turbine that is more efficient and cost effective than comparable technologies currently in use. The ReVair VAWT begins producing power at wind speeds of 2mph and has no cut off speed.  Commercial size turbines produce power at 2 1/2 cents per kilowatt hour!

  • One moving part
  • Made of light weight marine grade proprietary composites
  • Magnetic levitation creates a frictionless bearing
  • Magnets ride over coils creating a large diameter magnetic motor which eliminates moving parts and hydraulics
  • Magnets and coils are completely imbedded in the composite structure eliminating exposure and failure due to environmental influences
  • The turbine’s geometry and foil configuration are precise where rings create vortices to further organize the wind creating laminates of air
  • After start up the turbine’s foils fly in Apparent Wind, not True Wind, and the foils create Laminar Flow making for incredible efficiency
  • The lift based foils never lose their lift component through all quadrants


SecureAire is rapidly becoming the industry leader in Particle Control Technologies. Based upon technologies developed and employed by Semiconductor Cleanrooms, SecureAire has advanced and further developed a number of highly sophisticated air purification technologies.

  • NO other technology exists that has this capability to control, collect and kill
  • Eliminate harmful particulates which can either cause sick building syndrome or worse, the spread of dangerous airborne pathogens
  • The AQM-100 analytical tool provides the ability to measure and quantitatively understand how current filtration and purification systems are performing
  • Proprietary combination of Particle Conditioning and Particle Collision Control better known as Particle Accelerated Collision Technology
  • Particle Guide Technology addresses the costly issue of static pressure associated with today’s mechanical filtration systems
  • Eliminate small particulates such as bacteria, viruses, allergens, TVOC, gases and odors