RTRO Energy is addressing the USA’s energy challenges one building at a time by helping organizations do the RIGHT THINGS in the RIGHT ORDER.

We utilize an integrated design approach for energy management systems that produces expanded returns. A building is a complex entity and successfully reducing operating costs requires a holistic approach. Each part of your building structure and equipment has an impact on the whole building’s performance and efficiency. Often what looks like a big problem is actually caused by another issue that may be easily and inexpensively corrected.

RTRO Energy provides integrated Green Energy solutions to commercial, industrial and public facilities. We help client’s use their current energy budget to finance the install of efficient solutions and deliver resulting savings to the bottom line. To do nothing is to continue to pay high energy bills that will only climb higher, coupled with demand charges and time of use tariffs already announced.

We act as trusted advisers and take a holistic approach to understand a client’s environment and energy consumption. No matter the organization type, energy efficiency boils down to a business case proposition. We speak directly to Facility Managers and Money Managers.

Our beliefs, based on a number of years in the industry, are:

  • All organizations and Facilities Managers want to be Green and are all very interested in doing the right thing for their People, Planet and Profit, the so-called triple bottom line.
  • 90% of organizations, despite their Green aspirations, have no available internal funds to implement Green initiatives.
  • When organizations do the RIGHT things they often implement changes in the WRONG order.  This increases cost and doesn’t maximize potential savings or energy reduction.
  • Our programs help organizations fund projects from the savings generated from their current utility budgets. The result is increased cash flow, lower utility bills, improved employee comfort and a significant reduction of carbon foot print.

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